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So you've encountered a Windows screw up, eh?  Good!
Please make sure you read the following regulations and notes before submitting:
1. No files over 300kb (307,200 bytes)
2. Bitmaps (*.bmp) will be automatically rejected.
3. Pictures are NOT limited to the Windows operating system!
4. Images should be a program/system error (not just humorous coincidences)
5. Non-Window OS users: Please attempt to convert your pictures to a JPEG or similar format!
-> If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
-> If your image isn't accepted, you will be e-mailed with a reason why.
Application: [leave blank if it's OS related]
System: [include specific OS in comments]
20x20 Icon: [PNG only; optional]
E-mail: [optional, but very helpful]
Comments: [specify anything you want censored]

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